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The purpose of Undtagelsen.dk

In October 2018, it is 75 years since the danish jews were sailed across The Sound for security in Sweden. According to estimates, it was approximately 700 people, from 50 outlets, from the North Zealand and East Zealand coasts. It culminated on the 3rd to 6th of October, where 1100 and 1420 people were rescued from a terrible fate in Germany’s death camps.

In March 2015 a group of citizens in Elsinore met with an idea of creating a project in connection with the 75th anniversary of the rescue of the danish jews. Participants were invited personally and specifically in relation to their different competencies and professional backgrounds.

At the meeting it became apparent that almost everybody knows about the remarkable efforts made by the Danes, and locally from the fishermen in Snekkersten, Skotterup and Espergærde. How private people risked their lives.

Most were also aware that these actions were not only locally anchored, but provided organized escape routes from Copenhagen amongst others. The effort ensured a quick rescue, although it did not always go well.

But all participants wondered that locally done so little to remind this effort, which is remarkable also seen in an international perspective.

This was the basis for doing something and subsequently formulated in the base of the project:

“By emphasizing and documenting the efforts made by the danish and swedish, we wish to highlight and spread the knowledge of a historical period as it plays in our area. We wish to put a mark on the afterlife so that our documentation can be used by others, locally, educationally, culturally and historically. “

It was decided that a smaller working group should continue to elaborate and clarify the project. Some of the invited persons wanted to be added to a passive participants list until the project was more defined and their special professionalism could come into play.

A group of five, later seven, has subsequently continued the work, with a meeting rate of approx. 1 meeting a month.

Members of Undtagelsen.dk

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Peter Kruse ThomsenChairman
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Wolf-Rudiger JordtMember
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Georg Walter BuschMember
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Steen Hundevad KnudsenMember
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Flemming SøgaardMember

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Bent BlüdnikowJournalist and writer
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