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The project is a voluntary association, run by private enthusiasts and therefore entirely dependent on funds from private, foundations and members. We work for free and without fees to complete the mission that is the idea behind the project, namely to document the efforts made by Danish and Swedish sides in the rescue of the Danish Jews over The Sound in October 1943, and to elucidate and spread the knowledge of A historical period as it happened in our area.
We want to make a mark for posterity so that our documentation can be used by others, locally, educationally, culturally and historically.

We are fortunate that many see the good in the project and wish to support our project.

Therefore, we can thank:

Jesper Frederiksen Grafisk Design, for udarbejdelse af folder

Foreningen Undtagelsen har modtaget et stort tilskud fra Det Kooperative Fællesråd i Helsingør,  til afholdelse af Konference på Konventum den 2. oktober.

Helsingør Kommune, Kultur og Turisme, Idræt og Medborgerskab (KUMIT)

Statsautoriseret revisor Leif Eichel

Lajla Eichel

Georg og Emma Warburgs Mindefond

Conrad Nellemann og Hustrus Mindelegat

Generalkonsul Einar Høyvalds Fond

Helsingborg Stad Kulturmagasinet

O2Design, Helsingør.

Konventum Helsingør. (tidligere LO skolen)